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Supporting your planning for improved student achievement


Our main goal is to provide information to support school and district planning for improving student achievement. The planning process needs to be able to identify features of instructional programs that are effective in supporting student achievement, and features that are less effective, in order to adjust the programs. Instructional program effectiveness is identified by looking at changes in student achievement from the beginning of each instructional program to the end, or, in the absence of that, by systematically interpreting trends in student achievement over time.

Since 1993, in order to support schools and districts to systematically interpret trends in student achievement over time, we have developed the following reports and binders (PDF format) in British Columbia, updated annually. The sample reports and binders shown below are from actual schools and districts, anonymized so they cannot be easily identified:

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As a more direct approach, Effective instructional programs are identified here by looking at changes in student Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) achievement from Grade 4 to Grade 7. Using sound research techniques, it is possible to identify which schools and which districts have the most effective instructional programs in reading and numeracy from Grade 4 to Grade 7.